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VAMP Matches Schedule For 2017-2018 Season

Home   Away@
GH 12/13   HN 11/27
BP 1/15   PT W 12/4
QV 1/29   JI 1/24
IRC 2/12   OI 2/7
      RIO 3/2

APRIL 24 Alma Lee Loy Grows JR Golf

Vero Beach Country Club /12-6 pm
ALL (Alma Lee Loy) Team Challenge - promoting Girls Jr. Golf thru LPGA*USGA Girls Golf -Treasure Coast Chapter. This event features foursomes of lady players in honor of Alma Lee Loy Community Leader, and it's purpose is to continue the growth of Girls Junior Golf in our area. 
Visit us and register at Indian River Golf Foundation, find April 24, and click more information or click here and go all the way to the bottom of page and click on blue button to Register. 
Format: SHAMBLE, one Mulligan per player, LPG Player (TBA) Exhibition Shots, Appetizers & Awards. Cash bar. Jr. Girl Golfers will join after-School. 
Coast $250 per player.
VERO BEACH CC is hosting Alma Lee Loy Team Challenge