Captain’s Corner

Upon receiving the schedule, please communicate the dates with your pro and anyone else within your club you deem necessary. If you have a conflict with a date, please contact the other captain to reschedule as soon as possible and at least within 2 weeks of the match.

All matches shall be played from the same tees at each club and on the same course, in the case of Grand Harbor and Johns Island. Starting time is usually 11:30am to 12:00pm. We are flexible as to starting time and day as needed to facilitate additional clubs’ participation.

Print up a roster of your eligible players (with course handicap of 36 or less). Post a sign-up sheet for interested players. Each team may arrange their own dress code.

Prior to the match, select the 8 lowest handicap players available. The visiting captain shall forward a list of each player and her index no later than 3 days prior to the match. Pairings are done by the host captain in order of index.

The format is better ball of partners’ match play, 100% handicap, playing off the low ball. The lowest handicap players will play in the first position, the next lowest in the second position, and so on. Score cards shall be marked accordingly by the host captain or club pro, one for each team. Scoring will be based on one point per hole for a total of 18 points – 1 point for winning a hole, 1⁄2 for a tie, and 0 for losing the hole. Compile a list of all the pairings, one for yourself and one for the visiting captain, so you can record the team scores after the match.

The cost will be $40 per person, which includes cart, food, tax, and gratuities. It is recommended that we all charge these fees back to our respective clubs.

Collect $5 from each player the first time she plays to be put toward prizes and a trophy at the end of the year. Up to $100 may be used by winning team to purchase a permanent plaque with players‘names on it and a team photo.

On the day of play, the host team should notify security at the gate; welcome the visiting team and direct them to the pro shop, locker room, water, and where to meet following play. Inform them of any local rules and the pin placement for that day.

If on the day of play, a team does not have 8 players available, they shall play shorthanded with 6 or 7 players. It will be the captain’s choice as to which player(s) play alone, though the players must still be ranked and play in descending order of their handicaps. The opposing captain should be notified as soon as possible.

If a club must forfeit a match, a score for that match will be posted as 28 points for the forfeiting team to 44 points for the other team, roughly 40%-60%.

• If during the match, there is disagreement over the rules of play or the score for that hole, a claim must be made prior to teeing off at the next hole. Upon completion of their match, the players involved shall consult with the Club pro for resolution prior to any  results being posted.

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Play in a timely fashion 4 1⁄2 hours or less is recommended. If a group falls behind, every effort should be made to catch up with the group in front. If someone is “out of the hole”, she should pick up. Each group should finish within 15 minutes of the group in front of them.

Should there be rain just prior to or during the match, play may be delayed up to one hour at the discretion of the 2 captains and the Club pro. Once play has started and is halted, if the first team has played 14 holes or more, the match will be counted with the balance of holes scored as halved. If 14 holes have not been played, then the match shall be re-scheduled.

On the course, except in the case of emergency, use of cell phones, including texting, is prohibited.

Following play, obtain the score cards from your players. Confirm the team totals with the visiting captain. Both captains shall email the team score to Vicky Tulloch at by the end of the day.

Each captain is responsible to ensure that players’ scores are posted (not as tournament scores).

A player may play for only one club per season.

For more official etiquette   GOLF ETIQUETTE 101:

The Spirit Of The Game Safety

Consideration For Other Players

No Disturbance or Distraction

On the Putting Green


Pace Of Play

Play at Good Pace and Keep Up

Be Ready to Play

Lost Ball

Priority On The Course

Care Of The Course


Repair of Divots, Ball-Marks and Damage by Shoes

Preventing Unnecessary Damage

Conclusion; Penalties For Breach

Answer to all above you may find at USGA

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