2017 Season end Meeting

Summary of VAMP Captains’ Meeting Discussion
April 10, 2017

Present were Sandy Devine (incoming Bent Pine co-captain), Terri Kies, Carolyn Amos, Kathy Dunlop (Orchid), Shelly Gordon, Joanne Azzaretti, Paula Rebucci (incoming Pointe West co-captain), Dede Caputo, Kim Gibson, Gail Kenny, Jill Collinson, Julie Parker, Kathy Johnston, Mary Ellen McCarthy. Wendy Winger (incoming captain for The Moorings/Hawks Nest) and Vicky Tulloch.

It was requested that starting next season, the match scores be sent to the captains following every match.
Shelli Gordon (Quail) commented that they sometimes have trouble getting enough ladies to play. Darren Smith, an assistant golf pro, makes up the teams and occasionally is late getting to it. Shelli hopes to encourage more women to play in VAMP next season.
A question was posed about whether to continue with the VAMP website. A few captains said they occasionally used it to learn other captain’s contacts, but most did not refer to it frequently, nor did their players. The concept of the VAMP web site providing a blog, pictures, discussions in addition to team information and VAMP scores was initiated by Janina Weghorn and Dani Bourgie in 2014. They’d also hoped it would expand to become a reference for all clubs’ events, tournaments and special information. The decision was not to continue the VAMP site with hopes that, perhaps one day, it could be revived and used as originally hoped.
Posting VAMP scores – some captains do post their team’s individual scores, and some do not. A few have their pro do it. It is in the VAMP Guidelines that each captain is responsible for posting all match scores – not as tournament scores.
A question was asked regarding the handicap of someone who may have been injured and not playing for 6 weeks or so. Could she play using her old handicap? Technically, she should play at least 5 games when she returns in order to establish a trend for her handicap.
Regarding using the 8 lowest handicap players available, everyone agreed that it generally works out that there is always a mix of handicaps in VAMP matches and the same players do not play in every match. It was agreed that giving up strokes to a team is difficult.
Everyone was delighted that Jill Collinson will be doing the scheduling again for next season’s matches. Jill distributed Schedule Information Sheets to each captain to solicit information regarding each club’s standard Ladies Day, preferred days for matches, Guest Days, Major Tournaments, etc. to facilitate her scheduling. She asked that the information be returned to her by May 1st, or earlier if possible, as she would like to send out the 2017-18 VAMP schedule by mid-July.
Kathy Dunlop announced that Orchid Island will host Fun Day in 2018 and Dede Caputo offered Indian River for 2019.
Mary Ellen McCarthy suggested that VAMP might change to a Nassau type scoring – 1 point for the front nine, 1 point for the back and 1 point for overall winner or 3 points in total. She remarked that sometimes 3 of the 4 matches can be won by one club, but the 4th match is such a big loss that it’s enough to give the whole match to the club who won only one of their 4 matches. It was pointed out that VAMP had started out using the Nassau scoring for matches, but soon found that tie scores were frequent and so decided to adopt the current method of counting 1 for a win on a hole, ½ for a tie and 0 for a loss in each of the 4 matches.
Vicky brought up printing up “hint sheets” that would describe what lay ahead for each club’s particular holes so that visiting players didn’t have to drive ahead to “take a look”. It was agreed that it might take more time if everyone was reading the hints rather than just going ahead to look.
Joanne asked what was the protocol for last minute cancellations on Fun Day. Even though a deadline had been stated on the Fun Day flyer, there were cancellations after the deadline and even 2 on the day of Fun Day. We agreed that all who called later than the deadline date should be charged.
Vicky reported that pace of play of VAMP’s matches was much improved by all reports. With suggested times for each hole printed on the scorecards, there really is no excuse for players to fall behind. They should all be aware and be “self-rangering”.
There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.
Vicky Tulloch
Secretary pro team